An Affordable Mold Removal Service Near Los Angeles, CA

Absolute Maintenance performs complex work to remove mold and fungus and surface treatment with special compounds that prevent the re-emergence of mold. Work on the removal of mold is carried out at any time of the year and is carried out at any volume.

Our company offers the best mold removal services to date. They are incredibly effective and environmentally friendly for humans, animals, as well as surfaces to be treated. We guarantee that the mold will disappear once and for all (each client receives a guarantee for the service).

To destroy mold and get rid of it forever will only help professional specialists who we are. Los angeles mold inspection services know how to remove mold properly and use only safe means for people, animals, their homes, and any other facility.

Mushroom spores are everywhere. Even in a perfectly clean room, spores of fungi can be detected (approximately 500 in each cubic meter). Just imagine how likely is the chance of a threat to the health of your household, if you do not take action. Some mothers who have found mold in rooms and rooms do not attach any importance to this. And very in vain! Indeed, timely disarmament and destruction of this worst enemy will prevent various diseases in their children, especially infants and preschool children. It’s no secret that mold spores cause the development of diathesis in babies.

We help not only to get rid of the already impending threat but also to take preventive measures, which will help to permanently protect property and health from the surviving and everywhere present microorganism. Mold spores are negligible in size and are present everywhere: in homes, industrial premises, in the air, etc. City air is teeming with them. The content of dangerous types of mold in urban air is much higher than the permissible norm.

We carry out work to eliminate the danger in the form of mold, using special technologies and reliable, environmentally friendly means of biosecurity. Using only those preparations that have been specially developed and obtained by the State Registration when processing infected surfaces, an expert opinion that they are effective and safe both for humans, animals, and for all surfaces that are treated, and nearby vegetation (trees, lawns, shrubs, etc.).

After applying special preparations, mold is removed, and the treated area is sterilized. It is safe for humans and animals, and you do not need to leave the room and take away children and animals from home. Visually, you can even control in ultraviolet light the quality of the drug in mold-infected areas.

We know a lot about disinfection and safe removal of mold in an apartment, on a balcony, in a kitchen, in a wooden house, from a cellar, in basements, in a garage, on a loggia, in a bath-house, inter-tile mold in a bathroom from walls, ceiling, etc.

We destroy black mold, wall fungus and other species from any roof, from the fence, from various elements, from the facade of buildings, from all types of water pipes, from gates, doors, window frames, stairs, garden paths made of wood, stone, and other materials. We will neutralize greenhouses, stone structures, any wooden surfaces, garden decorations, benches, food, and industrial premises from the inside.

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